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Debby:  I have hope for anyone reading this who wants a new way to live, a life that is full and gratifying… a life with freedom from drugs, alcohol and abuse.  Two and a half years ago I was lost and scared, just coming off a 35-year-long battle with drugs and alcohol, and I had nowhere to go. From the first moment I walked through the door at New Dawn, I was greeted with respect, compassion and a sense of belonging I had never felt before.

The people at Chrysalis are all caring and kind, and the society as a whole became a solid foundation in my life, supporting me to become the respectable, responsible, and independent woman I am today. I stayed at New Dawn and then at New Day.  I was able to get my High School Diploma, First Aid Certification, and access many other opportunities for educational and professional development.  When I was ready to venture out on my own, Chrysalis Society continued to support me with subsidized housing, and I began to volunteer at New Dawn. 

Today I’m able to support women new to recovery to empower themselves and find a new way to live – what a beautiful gift!  I cannot thank Chrysalis enough for believing in me until I was able to believe in myself, and empowering me to be able to live the life I live today.  Thank You!!


Ezmy:  "I cannot say enough about my experience at New Way. I truly credit the quality of my sobriety on the tools I learned and experiences I had in that house. While living there I had a safe environment to begin my healing and also learn how to live daily as a woman in recovery.

The support of the other woman in the house, who were on the same path as me, and the amazing group facilitator was indispensable in my growth. Coming home to a clean, beautiful, home with good food and a sense of security helped me to be able to focus solely on getting better.

The chores, cooking of meals, and volunteering gave me a tremendous sense of pride in myself and my home. I learned through living about conflict resolution, speaking my truth and having a voice. There was no experience I had in that house that has not and I believe will not help me in life. I learned to manage my time and ways to keep organized. I built a routine there and started to be able to take on more more responsibilities in my daily life.

I am so honoured to now sit on the Board of Directors and try to give back even a small amount of what was given to me by the Chrysalis Society and so proud to be a part of it. These houses were truly a gift to me in my recovery and my life."


Audrey: "Chrysalis helped me learn many life skills that aid me in my successful sobriety - one of the most important being to Slow It Down.  I learned how to take time to care for myself, set boundaries, be more patient and less compulsive.  While I lived at the house, I was able to have visits with my daughter as I worked towards reintegrating her back into my life.  I had critical support and was able to access parenting education.  I'm now just over two years clean.  I've lived in my own housing for over a year, have my daughter back in my life full-time, and just graduated Science 101 at UBC." 


Tresa: "The help and support I got from Chrysalis Society was out of this world!  The women that run these houses are outstanding, and their knowledge is incredible.  My life today living clean and sober is fantastic!  Since going through these houses I've taken all kinds of certificate courses and now volunteer at New Dawn, and I also have a rent subsidy, which means I have help paying my rent every month - and that is one of the best things that ever happened for me.  I'm now over a year and a half clean and still working my program one day at a time.  I choose not to use, and I surround myself with other people who choose not to use.  I have wonderful women in my life today, and I continue to meet new dreams and goals."


Tina: "I worked in the sex trade to get drugs and live the lifestyle, using anything and anyone to get what I needed.  I cut off all my family and friends. I had been using heavily in the Downtown Eastside for 9 years before I came into New Dawn. I had heard how women there stick together to recover. I never had that and I wanted it in my life.  I lived at New Dawn for 8 months.  I am now clean and completely off of methadone.  My mother was not in my life for 9 years, my son was not in my life for 3 years - today they are both back in my life.  I have received amazing support in my recovery.  The women at Chrysalis loved me until I could love myself.  They taught me how to live, not die."


Edna: "Chrysalis helped me get my life back on track.  I spent 5 months living with some spectacular women and learning how to cope with day to day life.  I'm now 13 months clean and sober.  I live in a beautiful 2 bedroom apartment, have my 13 year-old son back living with me, and am working part-time.  I am now a happy, healthy mother who looks forward to what life has to offer, and I wake up every day with a smile on my face.  Chrysalis helped me find a new way to live."


Erica: "Chrysalis helped me bring my life back, and it's so much better than it ever was before.  I was able to learn so much about myself and my perceptions, and how to live a happy, sober, spiritual life again.  I'm extremely grateful - thank you for bringing light and smiles back into my life!"


A Mother: "Your compassion and wisdom also reaches out to the families and friends of the people you are helping, like a ripple effect filled with light and love. Happiness and miracles do come true out of the amazing work you do for all the people who need new dawns, new beginnings.  I waited almost 20 years to see and feel my daughter coming clean.  'Thank You' is not enough to express the gratitude I feel as a mother, my son feels as a brother, and all our friends feel.  Chrysalis made an amazing difference in my daughter's life, and we are all eternally grateful for the support you provided her."


Dianne: "I am so thankful to everyone at Chrysalis... I truly believe that the recovery I've achieved would not have been possible without the kindness, help and support I've received.  You've all had a powerful impact on my life, and I remain grateful!"


Sandra: "The warm and caring environment has been such a benefit to my recovery... words cannot express the gratitude I have for everything Chrysalis has shown me."



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