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Featured Story: Heather

"Had I been told 3 years ago where my life would be today, I wouldn’t have believed it. My life was consumed with addiction and everything that went along with that, my children did not want to be a part of my life, and I was un-employable and homeless.  I was powerless over my addiction and didn’t see how I was going to get out.  I had been to treatment before, but would get out in 28 days and then inevitably go back to the lifestyle that had been a part of my life for so long. 

And then I was given an opportunity to go to a recovery house in Vancouver called New Dawn.  I was living in the interior so this meant coming to Vancouver but something inside told me that if I didn’t take this opportunity being offered, I was a fool. So I listened to this inner voice and gave New Dawn a try.  This is by far the most important and valuable choice I have ever made for myself and thanks to Chrysalis Society, I have a life today that I only dreamed of before. 

After New Dawn, I went into New Day and stayed there until my affordable housing became available.  I continued to do volunteer work with Chrysalis Society and with their continued support, I enrolled in school and found part time work.  My children are now back in my life and they tell me how proud they are of me and how I am an inspiration to them and their friends. Wow!

I am now staff at New Dawn and I love my job.  It gives me an opportunity to give back what was so freely given to me:  the hope and support that my life too, could get better.  I cannot say enough about this wonderful society and how it has changed my life. Chrysalis Society has empowered me to see that I am a beautiful and strong woman that is deserving of a full and rewarding life, one that is free from the horrors of active addiction. And for that I will be so eternally, forever grateful to this wonderful society."



"Entering New Dawn was the beginning of my journey out of the loneliness, pain and isolation of addiction. I resided as a client within Chrysalis Society for 17 months. In that 17 months I learned how to live with other women, how to talk about my feelings all within a supported environment where I was supported immensely by caring staff.

I was able to get off the street and into an environment that supported me to taper off of methadone. Chrysalis Society subsidized my living arrangements for 18 months after I left their programs, and also continued to help me in my journey by offering me employment at New Dawn, which gave me what I believe to be invaluable life lessons in the work force.

My life has completely changed, has been filled with opportunities, lessons and gifts. My journey began within Chrysalis Society in 2007 and to this day, I continue to receive support, care and compassion through the community of women at Chrysalis."

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