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Sponsorship Acknowledgment

In literally boundless ways, sponsorship increases the capacity and means through which we can support healing, wellness and recovery for women.  Sponsorship is a truly amazing way to make a real difference in the lives of women healing from addiction, violence, and poverty!  Contact our Head Office to learn more about how you can provide sponsorship support for one of the women in our programs, or for our organization.

  "When multiplied by millions of people, small acts can & do change the world!"


With heartfelt gratitude we acknowledge the invaluable ongoing sponsorship support we receive from these individuals & businesses in our community:


Lush logo

Thank you so much to Lush for the generous donation of Moisturizers and Body Wash!

Shoppers Drug Mart Logo

Thank you so much to Shoppers Drug Mart for the generous donation of Gift Cards for your stores!

Thank you so much to The Dispensary for the generous donation!

Thank you to MOE's for our beautiful new living room furniture donation.  Our New Dawn home had badly outdated furniture but thanks to MOE'S we have a whole new look!

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TOPS - BC Chapter 2441

The women in this local community group have been collecting donations for Chrysalis year-round since 2004… two or three times a year, they come by our head office to give Chrysalis everything from bulk paper towels to jars of coins to Christmas gifts! These amazing women understand that every bit counts, and their small actions throughout the year make a huge difference for our Society & the women in our homes! Thank you Beverly and everyone at Chapter 2441 of TOPS, for your invaluable, ongoing support!!


  Monkey Valley Enterprises Inc. / Karen Rempel & Yoga Outreach



Eliane Michel / Eliane Hair Design Ltd.

Thank you for exemplifying the best & truest spirit of the Christmas season every year! The love & kindness your event generates makes a profound difference & helps those in our communities who need it most!


Patrick Iannone, owner of Paranada Traders, has donated Christmas gifts tothe women in our recovery homes for the past six years. He was recently askedwhy he continues to give so generously each year.  “Two words,” he said.“Good Karma.”

 Namaste, Patrick, for helping us give the true spirit & magic ofeach Christmas season to all the women in our homes!

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