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Everyone benefits when women recover from addiction, violence & poverty! Women's recovery = boundless, positive impacts for children, families & communities!

Want to be involved & make a real life-changing difference in the lives of women who need it the most? There are so many ways to contribute, so many ways you, your friends, families & colleagues can help!


  1. Donate through CanadaHelps or Paypal
  2. Like and/or Recommend us on Facebook and/or Follow us on Twitter, & invite your friends, families & colleagues to do the same... the more Likes & Follows we have, the greater our opportunities to connect with women who may need help to find their way out of addiction & violence, as well as Alumnae & Allies in our community!
  3. Like, Share, Forward, Retweet, Reply & Comment on our online posts... the more our online material is forwarded or digitally tagged in these ways, the more frequently our posts are included in online feeds, giving us greater opportunities for communicating with & within our community & world!
  4. If you are an Alumnae (anyone who ever lived at New Dawn, New Day or New Way ever), connect with the private Chrysalis Alumnae FB Group... every woman in recovery from addiction & violence is living inspiration & hope for women still finding their way.  This private online group was formed only two years ago as a safe place for Alumnae to connect & share successes & supports with each other!  We're still wanting to spread the word about this group to any & all women who went through our programs between 1988 & 2010!  The community Alumnae create & maintain with each other is the root of our Society's history & vision - thanks for sharing this information & invitation freely & widely!
  5. Join our E-Mailing List... social media not for you, but still want to be involved?  You can by joining our email list to receive a maximum of 10 email notices per year regarding our AGM & a few annual events & fundraising drives. You can support us by contributing/attending as you wish, & by forwarding the information & invites to your email contacts.  To join the email list, just contact our Head Office via email with the subject line "Join Email List."
  6. Give our information to anyone who needs it... addiction affects not just the addict, but everyone around them.  Addiction & violence affect women from every walk of life.  Chances are, you know someone who is struggling with addiction... or you know someone who is struggling with loving and/or supporting an addict.  Check out our Information for Friends & Families page... our loved ones' recovery is only strengthened when we stay educated about addiction & the challenges involved in achieving recovery.  If you know a woman who is struggling with addiction, or someone who is struggling with loving and/or supporting her, direct them to our website and/or let them know they can call our Head Office directly anytime for information & help!
  7. Become a Society Member & Attend our Annual General Meeting... join the offline, real-time Chrysalis community & hear first-hand about the profound successes of women and Alumnae in recovery!  Membership is $10/year & gives you a chance to play a part in our ongoing development of innovative, cutting-edge women-only residential programs via voting rights at our AGM; a voice for change, opportunities for involvement in ongoing projects and events; & the chance to meet other people in your community who are equally passionate about changing our world for the better!
  8. Volunteer and/or Join our Board of Directors... by lending your skills, wisdom, experience service & time, you can provide direct compassion, care, mentorship & education to women in early recovery at New Dawn.  You can also work directly with our Board to ensure that many of our province's most vulnerable women have access to safety & the critical residential care & supports provided through our recovery homes.

  9. Provide Sponsorship and/or In-Kind Supports... goods & services, landscaping & renovation, complimentary event passes, home start-up items, bus tickets... it all helps tremendously in our ongoing provision of residential care & supports to the 28 women in our 3 recovery homes! Contact our Head Office to discuss opportunities for how we can work together!

  10. Get Your Vote On... and make it an educated one! Health, Social Services & Community Non-Profit Organizations like ours are all seriously impacted by the provincial & federal governments' agendas.  Let's work together to make sure the impacts are positive!

Small acts multiplied innumerably truly can & do change the world! Thank you everyone for choosing to make any of the small actions above to change the world by changing lives for women recovering from addiction & violence! ♥


"There is no such thing as a small act of kindness... every act of kindness creates a ripple with no end."
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