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New Dawn has a well-respected reputation for remaining accessible to women who experience multiple barriers to accessing treatment, often as a result of concurrent disorders. As well, New Dawn accepts women who are prescribed methadone and benzodiazepines - medicines that remain controversial, and can complicate women's access to services.

All our houses are comfortable and truly home-like. For women who have been entrenched in homelessness, the experience of our unique home environment is an invaluable component in their ultimate capacity to create and maintain their own homes within their recovery - our home-like environments inspire, teach, and contribute to women's lasting success.

Our approach is pioneering and innovative: we are accessible to women at any stage of recovery; the continuum provided allows for fluidity of service and women have access to appropriate levels of care.  The capacity for long-term care and supports is unique and critical: effectively addressing the concurrent issues underpinning women's addiction requires more than 30 - 90 days. Women can access service and care based on their actual needs, rather than an on an arbitrary, predetermined program-length: women can remain in each of our homes for up to 12 months or longer, if necessary.

Chrysalis' Alumnae and Volunteer networks foster women’s long-term connections to and involvement in community. These components all support women to sustain their housing and long-term recovery.

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