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Addiction affects not just the addict but everyone around them.

Friends and Family Members with a loved one in New Dawn are encouraged to remain supportive through her initial 30-day Stabilization ... during this critical stage of her recovery, she is supported to reduce distractions, ground, focus, and settle into the program and her recovery at New Dawn: strong foundations for her best long-term successes.

We strongly encourage all Friends and Family Members of anyone struggling with addiction to secure their own supports to stay educated about addiction, keep their own healthy boundaries, and reduce risks for their own isolation and/or depression while caring for and supporting their loved one:

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Low-Cost or No-Cost Counselling:

Family Services of Greater Vancouver

VCH Community Health Centres

Families Do Recover - Counselling for the Addict's Family & Parents

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Co-Dependent Recovery Society

Secular Sobriety Society

Fee-for-Service Supports:

Family Tree Addiction Services

Can Am Intervention Services  

Assessment & Advice:

Free Online Supports:

Daily Strength

Addiction Survivors

SMART Recovery: Family & Friends Support

SOS Friends & Families Support Group


Women's capacity for successes in recovery are only strengthened when their families and friends stay educated about addiction and the challenges involved in achieving recovery, as well as maintain their own personal supports to be able to keep healthy boundaries while their loved one learns new ways to live, cope and communicate.

The impacts of women's successful recovery extend far beyond individuals to include healthy reunification with children, family and community: healing for one truly is healing for many!

Chrysalis Society remains dedicated to empowering women and supporting the processes that underpin these profound evolutions. 

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