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Referrals to Chrysalis’ programs can be submitted by an Addictions Counsellor, Social Worker, Doctor, Psychiatrist, Outreach Worker, Counsellor, Therapist, or any other related Professional  Addictions/Mental Health Service Provider.


Prior to submitting your referral, thank you for ensuring your client has read and understood the Policies, Guidelines & Information for the program she is waitlisting for.  Chrysalis asks women to commit not to a specific timeframe, but to their recovery & the actual program for which they are applying & it is in the interests of women's best outcomes that they are adequately informed regarding the program guidelines so they can make an educated choice for themselves about their program entry & participation.



Referring Agents can contact Vancouver Coastal Health's CAIT Team for the referral: 

Rhiannon Latimer: 604-675-2455 ext. 22563 or

If you have questions about our programs or need further clarification, please email our Addictions Intake Coordinator directly.

Women who have reviewed the program information for New Dawn and determined that they want placement in the program can call Chrysalis directly to place their name onto the waitlist before their Referring Agent has completed and submitted the referral documentation.

All women on the waitlist for New Dawn must maintain weekly check-in calls/contact with Chrysalis Society by phone: 604-325-0576 or 236-688-7136 or email. 

Women who make no contact with for 14 days risk being removed from the waitlist. 


Any Referring Agent can complete the referral package below and fax directly to Chrysalis Society.

New Day - Program Guidelines & the Referral (13 pages, 3.44MB)

New Day - Just the Referral (8 pages, 555KB)

We ask that the Referring Agent complete the forms, and not the client.

Re: the MSD Funding Verification Form - required only for women who receive Income Assistance.  



Women can self-refer to New Way by calling the Addiction RecoveryProgram from Vancouver CoastalHealth at 604-675-2485Ext 20451Women waitlisted for New Way can be considered for New Day if/when availability warrants.

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