Chrysalis Society

How Do I Get In?

To waitlist for New Dawn, you will need to:

To waitlist for New Day, you will need to:

  • maintain weekly check-ins with Chrysalis Society until your interview is scheduled

Women waitlisted for New Day can be considered for New Way if/when availability warrants, and are encouraged to additionally contact ACCESS Central to waitlist for New Way as well.

Intake & Program Inquiries:

All Other Inquiries:

To waitlist for New Way, you will need to:

  • Call ACCESS Central : 1-866-658-1221 to waitlist and have a Housing Assessment scheduled.

Women waitlisted for New Way can be considered for New Day if/when availability warrants, and are encouraged to submit a referral for New Day to our Intake Worker.

Intake & Program Inquiries:

All Other Inquiries:

 You can contact Chrysalis Society to add your name to the waitlist before the referral is completed; however, admissions cannot be supported without completion of the referral.  Once you are waitlisted, you will need to begin contacting Chrysalis Society once per week to maintain your spot on the list, either by phone: 604-325-0576, or email our Intake Worker.

Women who make no contact with Chrysalis Society for 14+ days risk removal from the waitlist.  

When you check in, you can submit an email or leave a message and this will count as your weekly check-in.  Check-in calls are not returned unless specific requests for a call back are made.

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